Maria kheirkhah is an Iranian British artist, curator and academic who works with installation and performance to investigate systems of knowledge, power and culture.

Kheirkhah’s multi- disciplinary art practice and her specific focus on decentralising the generalising cultural forms of categorization, explores the representations of the so called “Middle Eastern” female identities through a practice which is generated by the interplay of history, politics, media and visual arts within contemporary Western visual culture.


Born and raised in the North of Iran, Kheirkhah first travelled to the UK in 1979 where she pursued her art education, specialising in sculpture and obtained her M.A. at the University of Central England in 1987.

She travelled back to Iran in 1988, teaching at two major universities in Tehran, Alzahra University and The Academy of Arts. Since her return to the UK in the early 1990s she has continued her work as an academic teaching as an assistant professor at Richmond , The International American University in London and as a trustee and associate curator at the 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning .


Among her numerous exhibitions and presentations are: Conversation Pieces, 1001 questions, Tate Britain 2009; The Psychology of Fear, 198 Gallery 2008; The Anatomy Of Ignorance, Current thinking, Tate Modern 2007.

Kheirkhah lives and works in London and is currently pursuing her research at Chelsea College of Arts, UAL.UK.

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Maria Kheirkhah
Maria Kheirkhah
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